Sugar & Refined Sugar

Tidy Mart specializes in the sourcing of Sugar from Brazil, India, and Philippines. Tidy Mart will act as an agent, we are not principals, but we deal directly with producers and large traders. We have adequate experience in sugar trading, and must say that the world sugar business has become a very difficult and tricky thing. Dishonest offers, absurd volumes and unreal prices

Tidy Mart always double checked. POP, CL, PB, POF, etc, are frequently forged, and have lost their original value. We frequently see "bargain offers", like "cancelled order, ship on high sea", "incredible but true", and so on, which does not exist at all. Of course, there is a great deal of naivety among potential buyers.


N/C Brazil, India, Malaysia, and Philippines, at Seller's option.



Indeed, sometimes we can offer larger volumes, like 10,000 MT or 15,000 MT, provided buyers permit partial shipments. Usually, buyers do not need the sugar to be with them at once. They can buy larger volumes, for weekly shipments, for instance. This can avoid buyers to have large amounts of money blocked.

Buying smaller volumes, in containers, can be cheaper than to buy full ship loads, because freight for chartered vessels became extremely expensive, more expensive than in containers. Also, when in containers, buyers and sellers do not take any risk for demurrage, etc. They know the final cost, in advance.


By Irrevocable, Transferable / Non-Transferable , assignable, confirmed fully funded, revolving RDLC, TT payable 100% at loading port, upon seller presentation of documents for payment are Non Negotiable Bill of Lading, SGS Quality & Quantity Certificates and Commercial Invoice.

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