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Ferrous Metals

Tidy Mart creates Profitable & Sustainable trading solutions in the Ferrous Metal Trading. We specialize in the HMS1 & HMS2, Used rails, used batteries, and can accommodate your interest in all the mentioned commodities in a reliable, timely and efficient manner.

We have our interest in three steel mills and we understand the situation a mill owner can go through when trying to have raw material for his manufacturing process and that is the reason that we went into the market to support our manufacturing however due to our relationship and our abilities we started..

Iron Scraps HMS 1 & HMS 2

Our Credibility in this industry is very important to us as is protecting the interests of the mandates we represent or deal directly with. We are organizing genuine HMS 1 & HMS 2 with Industrial Experts. We are capable of supplying up to 30,000 MT x 12 months CIF AWSP, in bulk.


Tidy Mart will source the Ferrous Metal Scrap as per the ISRI specification which can meet out the clients demand. We deal in HMS1 and HMS2, Steel Scrap, (Mixed of 80% HMS1 and 20% HMS2) The scrap consists out of a mix of mill scrap (stampings, cuttings, bars, etc.) Industrials scrap (nuts, bolts, misc. pieces, etc),


N/C Europe, Africa, Russia, South America, Ukraine or USA, at Seller's option.



By Irrevocable, Transferable , assignable, confirmed fully funded, revolving RDLC, TT payable 100% at loading port, upon seller presentation of documents for payment are Non Negotiable Bill of Lading, SGS Quality & Quantity Certificates and Commercial Invoice. ( Non-Transferable L/C add US $5 Per MT )

We invite all serious buyers to get in touch with us, for more details please send your requirements to our mail address. Email : biz@tidymart.com