HMS1 & HMS2 Exporters, Importers

Tidy Mart is primarily involved in the collection and processing of ferrous metals (iron and steel) It collect industrial scrap and obsolete scrap and supply the HMS 1 and HMS2, Rail Scrap, Ship Scrap metals to our customers as they required.

We are involved in scrap ships also. We have a team of professional and experienced traders who have extensive exposure and knowledge in their specialty to effectively cover the market on the products the company trades in.

Iron Scraps HMS 1 & HMS 2

Our Credibility in this industry is very important to us as is protecting the interests of the mandates we represent or deal directly with. We are organizing genuine HMS 1 & HMS 2 with Industrial Experts. We are capable of supplying up to 30,000 MT x 12 months CIF AWSP, in bulk.

General Information about our Ferrous Scrap as Per ISRI standard


All grades shall be free of dirt, nonferrous metals, or foreign material of any kind, and excessive rust and corrosion. However, the terms "free of dirt, nonferrous metals, or foreign material of any kind" are not intended to preclude the accidental inclusion of negligible amounts where it can be shown that this amount is unavoidable in the customary preparation and handling of the particular grade involved.


The inclusion in a shipment of a particular grade of iron and steel scrap of a negligible amount of metallic material which exceeds to aminor extent the applicable size limitations, or which fails to aminor extent to meet the applicable requirements as to quality or kind of material, shall not change the classification of the shipment, provided it can be shown that the inclusion of such off-grade material is unavoidable in the customary preparation and handling of the grade involved.


Wherever the term "free of alloys" is used in the classifications given herein, it shall mean that any alloys contained in the steel are residual and have not been added for the purpose of making an alloy steel. Steel scraps shall be considered free of alloys when the residual alloying elements do not exceed the following percentages:

Nickel .45% Molybdenum .10%

Chromium .20% Manganese 1.65%

The combined residuals other than manganese shall not exceed a total of 0.60 percent.


N/C Europe, Africa, Russia, South America, Ukraine or USA, at Seller's option.



RDLC, TT payable 100% at loading port, upon seller presentation of documents for payment are Non-Negotiable Bill of Lading, SGS Quality & Quantity Certificates and Commercial Invoice.

Tidy Mart is now involved very actively Importing and Exporting of HMS1 & HMS2 Metal Scrap, Ship Scrap, Rail Scrap metals etc. We invite all serious buyers to get in touch with us, for more details please send your requirements to our mail address. Email :