Iron Ore Magnetite-Fe3O4

Almost all iron ore is used in steelmaking. The principle source of iron in mining currently is iron oxides such as hematite (Fe2O3) magnetite (Fe3O4), goethite and limonite. These minerals normally occur in complex association with each other and with the gangue minerals.

Hematite / Magnetite Differentiation

Granting magnetite and hematite are easily distinguishable using optical systems, it is problematic to distinguish on SEM / EDS based systems due to their similar X-ray and BSE signal. However, FEI together with the University of Newfoundland developed a technique that enables the separation of Hematite and Magnetite by using a combination of EDS data and enhanced BSE imaging for the separation of hematite/magnetite.

Tidy Mart a well-known Hematite and Magnetite Iron Ore trading, marketing company. Tidy Mart expertise in this Iron Ore fines and Iron Ore Lumps trade. Tidy Mart have small consortium with members of mine owners, traders and exporters to fulfill our client's needs interms of Quality, Quantity and Timely delivery.

We have extensive relationships with leading mine owners in the Australia, Brazil, Chile, India and Indonesia; possess wide and acknowledged expertise in this Industry. We work uncompromisingly on behalf of our importers and co-ordinate regularly in order to fulfill their requirements as per schedules. We are supplying Iron Ore Inspected by SGS or Similar with 2 % non-operative PBG.


Shipments on FOB & CNF basis ranging from grades of 57% to 63.5% Shipments are through Major Indian, Brazilian and Indonesian Ports

Composition of Magnetite Iron Ore Fines Fe3O4

Iron (Fe by %)

64% Rejection below 63%


17% Minimum

Silica (Si02)

3.00% Max

Sulfur (S)

0.09% Max

Phosphorous (P)

0.09% Max

Aluminium (Al203)

5.00% Max

Titanium (Ti02)

5.00% Max



Moisture (H2O)

8% maximum at 105 degrees Celsius


  • Buyer Send draft LOI / BCL
  • Seller sends FCO/ Seller send draft contract to buyer with seller profile & other document.
  • Buyer Check on the spot in the stockpile and stock room, if required.
  • Buyer and Seller sign and seal final contract
  • Buyer issues non-operative LC
  • From seller proof of products Bank to Bank
  • PB activates the LC
  • Shipment begins as per contract
  • All our buyers are requested to download the LOI or ICPO from the following link and Fill, Sign, Seal send to our mail ID.

    Magnetite Iron Ore ICPO Form

    Magnetite Iron Ore LOI Form

    Here we attached some sample FCO, for Buyer's convince. All our buyers are requested to download the FCO from the following link can be used only for sample purpose and for clarification.

    Magnetite Iron Ore Sample FCO for Break Bulk Shipment

    Magnetite Iron Ore Sample FCO for Container Shipment

    Tidy Mart is now involved very actively Manufacturing and Supplying of Magnetite Iron Ore (Fe3O4), Iron Ore Magnetite, Natural Magnetite Ore etc. Further if you have any quires related to Magnetite Iron Ore Fines import, kindly mail us with your entire queries. We are here to assist you in every possible way for mutual beneficial.