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Tidy Mart is one of the leading suppliers of imported coking coal, Tidy Mart's business includes procurement, transportation, storage, processing and marketing of coking coal. Tidy Mart is also one of the few companies that have good contacts with key logistics companies.

Tidy Mart have an agreement with the reliable vendors for procuring Coking Coal from Africa, Australia and Indonesia. We conform the international quality standards to fulfill our clients requirements this is our primary goal in this Coking Coal trade. With years of experience in this field have given Tidy Mart an edge over others.

When used for many industrial processes, bituminous coal must first be "coked" to remove volatile components. Coking is achieved by heating the coal in the absence of oxygen, which drives off volatile hydrocarbons such as propane, benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons, and some sulfur gases. This also drives off a considerable amount of the contained water of the bituminous coal.

Coking coal is used in the manufacture of steel, where carbon must be as volatile-free and ash-free as possible. Coking coal is heated to produce coke, a hard, grey, porous material which is used to blast in furnaces for the extraction of iron from the iron ore.

We have been trading in the South Asian Continent and China. The company has in view of the increased cost of crude oil in particular, seen a significant increase in demand for coking coal to steel mills.

Shipping :

Shipments on FOB & CNF basis, Shipments are through Major Safe Ports from Indonesia, USA, and Ukraine.

Here we attached the entire Coking Coal Specification. We can supply all the Grades of Coking Coal mentioned here.

Indonesian Coking Coal Specification Details

Here we attached an LOI form, for Buyer's convince. Kindly, please send us your LOI or PO including detail specification with your best target price. Only buyer who issues LOI will be contacted.

Indonesian Coking Coal LOI Form

Here we attached some sample FCO, for Buyer's convince. All our buyers are requested to download the FCO from the following link can be used only for sample purpose and for clarification.

Indonesian Coking Coal Sample FCO

TidyMart Supplying Coking Coal, Metallurgical Coal as per the demand of their clients. We are exporting high quality Coking coal / Metallurgical Coal Sourcing from Indonesian, USA and Ukraine. Further if you have any quires related to Indonesian Coal import, kindly mail us with your entire queries. We are here to assist you in every possible way for mutual beneficial.

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