Non-Ferrous Scraps

Non-Ferrous Scraps

Tidy Mart also buys and sells mill secondary and surplus stock of HR coil, CR coil, Wire Rods, plates, billets, slabs, blooms and forging grade round bars. We are a professionally managed company with a team of competent, qualified, and trained staff who have the capability to customize solutions according to your requirements and objectives.

Tidy Mart is not only deal in trading, liaisoning of coal with leading Non Ferrous Scraps Exporters, but also conform to quality standards which are at par with international standards. Years of experience in this Non Ferrous Scraps trading field have given them an edge over others.

We can accommodate your interest in all the mentioned commodities in a reliable, timely and efficient manner. Tidy Mart offering highest level of quality service, committed to reduce your purchase costs by sourcing non-ferrous scraps at a competitive price.


N/C Africa, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, South America, Ukraine, and USA, at Seller's option.



DLC-Document Letter of Credit payable 100% at loading port, upon seller presentation of documents for payment are Non-Negotiable Bill of Lading, SGS Quality & Quantity Certificates and Commercial Invoice.


Non-Ferrous Products List

  • Tense (mix Aluminium Casting
  • Talon(pure Aluminium Wire and Cable)
  • Tann Taste Tassel(Mix Aluminium)
  • Tough(Mix Aluminium Alloy Clippings and Solids)
  • Tablet Tabloid (Litho Sheets)
  • Taint-Tabor(Mix Old Alloy Sheets)
  • Telic(Mix Aluminium Borings and Turnings)
  • Barley no. 1-Copper Wire)
  • Berry no. 1-Copper Wire
  • Birch no. 2-Copper Wire
  • Candy no. 1-Heavy Copper
  • Cliff no. 2-Copper
  • Clove no. 1-Copper Wire Nodules
  • Cobra no. 2-Copper Wire Nodules
  • Cocoa-Copper Wire Nodules
  • Dream-Light Copper
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    Feel free to contact us to know more about our professional above listed Non Ferrous International Trading Services. Tidy Mart Offers Customized Non Ferrous Trading Services.