18 March 2009

Tidy Mart looking for reliable associates in US, UK, China, Australia and Indonesia, int the International Trading Industry, Further contact biz@tidymart.com ...

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Who We are

Tidy Mart creates Profitable & Sustainable trading solutions for Businesses that need to Supplying & Procuring Mineral, Scrap, Commodity, Textiles, etc.





About Us

Tidy Mart giving a warm and hearty welcome to you all to one of the biggest challenge and opportunity in this millennium is going to be

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Project Management


Tidy Mart is a Collaborative group of experienced Trading professionals, specializing in supplying & procuring Mineral, Scrap, Commodity, Textiles, ect. Tidy Mart is committed to high quality in the demanding marketplace of trading industry.

Procuring or Sourcing quality goods is a risky business for most of the time whether one conducts business with a Principal, and even more so when one conducts such business with ailing informed web / internet type of traders, in a market chockablock with false offers, scams and impaired trading applications.

Suppliers and End buyers when dealing with each other contribute the most mistakes made of all traders, because most use poorly conceived and incompatible procedures; and even attempt short cuts while trading. Tidy Mart applies strict trading procedures to make sure for the perfect sourcing.

  • Documents the trading conduct review of internal and external
  • Gathers pertinent data
  • Evaluates key areas of leverage
  • Defines and understands work-flow
  • Implements and executes metric and capabilities assessments onshore, near shore or offshore
  • Performs the analysis
  • Works with your team during supplying & procuring
  • Measures, monitors and optimizes requirements to achieve your business success