We welcome the opportunity to be of service the Environment by using Used Tyre products. We have been tied up with European Industrial Experts, Years of experience in this field have given them an edge over others.

Tyre Wire Recycling

Steel-cord is a steel wire used as a single element in wobblers or in a cord. It is used to reinforce tyres, thanking to its mechanical properties, such as breaking strength, lengthening, high resistance to tension and compression.

Steel-cord scrap is shaped in chopped wire form (wire diameter: 0,20 - 0,80 mm) and is obtained through the grinding of used wasted tyres, after a magnetic separation from the shredded tyre rubber granules, representing the basic product of the used tyre shredding.

We can supply regularly tire wire in bales or in big bags here we have provided some picture for the same.

Five to ten percent (10-20%) Impurities rubber/fiber

From the above picture you can see very well the impurity. Of course it is not rust. Available per month: 2000 MT. ISRI CODE: 281


Clean tire wire max 2% Impurities rubber / fiber

From the above picture you can see very less impurity. Of course it is not rust. Available per month: 700 MT. ISRI CODE: 278

PACKING: In Bales or in Big Bag according to the shredding plant equipment's

LOADING: in 20Ft or 40 Ft HC containers

ORIGIN: Europe


All our shredding plants are authorized by the Italian government to collect and handle used tyres


The steel-cord scrap is allowed to leave the EU territory accompanied by the Annex VII according to the European regulation No. 1013/2006 of 14/06/06; all customers willing to fulfill the related document are welcome to collaborate with us.


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